Glass, for me, is a way of exploring and investigating limits and creating ways of transcending them,-limits of techniques as well as those of myself. I work with several different techniques such as glassblowing, hotcasting, kilnforming and kilncasting. Large scale works fascinate me. The brittle qualities of glas has been expressive, thoroughout my work, of the brittle qualities of life itself, its existential vulnerabilities. Brittleness and vulnerability in the medium, then combined with eminence of light as a source of inspiration, is intimately connected with the search for what is central in the human condition. My works may be seen as primarly sculptural; but inspired by folkart and craft in different medias. The impressible creativity and spontaneous brilliance of children is a source of inspiration. In my landscape projects I use historical narratives about someone who interests me related to the place ,imagination and combine artistic expressions with other cultural fields and endeavors, such as ecophilosophy, history and religion.